Past/Future Runs

Past Completed Runs Completion Time Date
Glow Run 5k - Omaha 08/18/2012
Mud Factor - Nebraska 09/15/2012
Virtual Half Marathon & Treadmill Challenge 5K
Winter Blast! - Virtual
2:39:36 12/30/2012
Mud Factor - Nebraska 05/04/2013
Muddy Heroes 2k/4k (UNOFFICIALLY) 05/18/2013
Tough Mudder - Kansas 09/21/2013
Spartan Race - Nebraska 10/12/2013
2nd Annual G.O.A.T.z Trail Runs and G.O.A.T.z 50k 5:55:06 10/27/2013
The Ugly Sweater Run - Omaha Herme's Horde 12/15/2013
Current Registered Runs Date
The Lincoln Marathon (1st Marathon) 05/04/2014
Possible Future Runs Date
Spartan Race - Nebraska 07/12/2014
No other runs in the budget at this time, but I will take sponsorship. Email Here

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