Monday, October 12, 2015

Just Happened & What's Next

Just Happened

So, as some of you know I just ran the Market to Market Relay Nebraska on Saturday October 3rd.  I'm still gathering photos and writing up the race recap for that.  In a short, it was AWESOME! So awesome that we have taken the opportunity to secure our spot for next year.  Below is the recap video you can watch while waiting for the recap.

What's Next

I just got an email from Katy, the editor at Omaha World-Herald's Live Well Nebraska, saying that I won entry into this coming Sunday's inaugural of The Nebraska (Half) Marathon!  I got a choice between a 5k and the Half Marathon.  Naturally I want to run the Half Marathon, but my pace is kind of slow right now so I'm waiting to hear back on cutoff time to make sure I have enough time.  Otherwise I will likely do the 5k.  How awesome this is to be able to run the first running of it!  So, I will have that race recap coming in the near future as well.  Here is the promo video.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!