Wednesday, June 1, 2016

National Running Day

It's that time again.  The day of the year that we all celebrate running together!  Okay, maybe we won't ALL be celebrating it.  Today is National Running Day! Or Global Running Day! Or International Running Day!  Depends on whom you talk about it, but they are all the same thing.  It's a day where we go out and run to celebrate that we can.  If you want to pledge that you will run, you can go to the Global Running Day website at and click the green button that says "PLEDGE TO RUN".  You can download a bib to wear and a badge to use on social media.  So, strap on your shoes like I will be and put some miles on them!

After you participate in Global Running Day be sure to come back as I will have a couple of reviews for some gear from SLS3 including their new Plantar Fasciitis Compression Foot Sleeves and their Water Resistant Dual Pocket Running Belt.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!