Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MIA (Non running related post)

I'm sorry that I have yet to post the video of my kids' review of their LOCK LACES™.  We've had a few things to take care of.  We had a sewage drain in our basement rust and break.  So, I've had the fun of learning how to do the plumbing needed to replace the line.  That and the demolition involved.  We tore out a wall, ripped up some of the concrete, removed some cast iron piping, and put in some new PVC piping for replacement.

A picture of the ruptured cast iron pipe.

Construction and destruction in progress.
 I also received the unfortunate news that my late grandmother passed away.  She was a wonderful woman that raised some amazing children.  (My father, aunts, and uncles.)  She's been sick off and on over time.  As I continue through my life now taking care of my family, making sure they are healthy, and trying to keep myself healthy she is another reason why.

My Grandma Goldie

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon Tragedy

I am no where near a runner that could even come close to run the Boston Marathon.  So, those that are able to qualify and run it...I salute you.  After yesterday's events, I'm kind of glad I'm not that good just yet.  The flip side of that coin is that this could have happened at any location.  So, I will continue to run as I am.  I will also add a reason to my list for running.  That is in honor of those that lost their lives and/or ability to run yesterday.

There are also several movements in honor of this horrific tragedy.  One is by the Run JunkEes and they have a race bib that you can download from their website.  Their event can also be found on Facebook here.  This is a public "virtual run" that you can join and I encourage you to do as I already have.  I will be running today myself at around 1:45 PM CST.  As I have seen many others do I will target 4.15 miles.  This will be a feat for me since I have just recently got my mileage up to 3.4 miles in the time I have to on my runch (running lunch).  From the Run JunkEes event "This is a virtual run event, which means you can run (or walk) any distance, anywhere and at anytime. It is intended to both honor the victims as well as display an act of unity and solidarity in the running community. This was an event dreamed up by fellow Runners and you are welcome to invite anyone to join. THIS IS NOT A FUND RAISER. PLEASE be careful of scams (already) of people claiming to be raising money. A special thanks to TJ from VO2 the MAX for creating the "race" bib. Once you've completed your unity run you are welcome to post a picture to the RunJunkEes facebook page (please do not email pictures). Other runners are suggesting to wear a race shirt as well, so if you have one and you'd like to do so that would be great."

I hope you all will join me in honoring those that have lost their lives and have been injured as part of this cowardice act.  Below you can see the copy of the race bib that you can get to run with.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

Friday, April 12, 2013


So, my latest craze that is helping me out with the different aspects of running is my LOCK LACES™.  I think these are a great thing.  I actually found them by accident.  I was rummaging through different deal sites and came across a deal for some of these.  I was thinking about ordering them for myself and especially for my younger son (more on him later).  However, when I went back to actually do it I realized that I let the time lapse and wasn't able to take part in the deal.  Such a bummer.  I still was intent on buying some at some point so I liked their Facebook page and started following them on Twitter.  On March 11th they were looking for bloggers to review the products so I thought that I'd throw my name in the hat.  I figured that it couldn't hurt to try.  Lo and behold, they responded to me just a few hours after I sent them the request email and they asked where to send my laces.  I was ecstatic!

Now, the funny part is that I received an email from LOCK LACES™ on March 22nd letting me know that they sent my package out and that I should receive it within 3-5 business days.  I got home and it was already in my mailbox!  Talk about perfect timing for the LOCK LACES™ team!

My package arrived!
My package arrived!

The entire contents of the package.
The entire contents of the package.

My "proper" display of the packages of LOCK LACES I received.
My "proper" display of the packages of LOCK LACES I received.

On the left you see the side by side after I had installed one of the LOCK LACES™ to my left shoe.  On the right you see my shoes on a typical day at the fitness center at work as I am headed to the dreadmill (the "dreaded treadmill" for those that haven't learned that term yet).

The laces were really easy to install.  Basically all you do is put the laces through just like normal laces, put on the special lock, trim to the necessary length, then add the end cap.  There!!!  You are done!!!  You just have to make sure that you try them on before cutting them so that you don't end up cutting them too short.  If you need a little extra room you would still have the extra slack to expand them.

The laces hold really well and have enough give that they don't restrict your feet.  Using these instead of laces that I have to tie give me a little bit quicker on and off times so that adds a couple of minutes to my running/workout times.  Yay for more time for fitness!!!  And of course since they are held in place by the special lock that is provided they will never come untied!  Hence the LOCK LACES™ motto; "Win! Never tie!"  They come in several colors so they have a color that will fit your likes/wants/needs.  They are also releasing dual colors for those that want to keep it fashionable.

Caden's review will be put in it's own posting.  I will be videoing his responses this weekend and posting after I do any possibly needed edits.

A little bit of background for why I considered getting these for Caden already and why I made sure to provide one of the packages to him.  Caden has Prader-Willi Syndrome.  This syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes hyperphagia (excessive hunger), decreased metabolism, short stature, low muscle tone, incomplete sexual development, cognitive disabilities, and behavior problems.  So, with all of this combined we have usually chose shoes with velcro straps (that Caden picked at so much they came off) or shoes that simply slip on.  Since he is a 7 (8 in May) year old we know he wants some kind of independence so we want him to be able to have shoes just like the other kids, but since it's hard for him to learn to tie the LOCK LACES™ gave us a way to get him some running shoes and allow him to put them on himself.

Bella's review will be put in the posting with Caden's review.  I will be videoing her responses as well this weekend and posting after I do any needed edits.

Bella is also afflicted as Caden is, just with different things.  Bella is that she is the same age as Caden (2 months apart).  She just turned 8 last month.  Bella is afflicted with the typical 8 year old attitude of "I'll tie my shoes real quick and that will be good enough."  Only to have them come untied shortly thereafter.  This is also compounded with her ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).  As part of her ADHD she has anxiety attacks as well.  So, if she struggles to get her shoes tied in a timely matter this can lead to a meltdown of "epic proportions."  FYI...Bella would laugh knowing that I put it that way because she would agree.  So, the LOCK LACES™ also allow her the independence that she wants (believe me that is a lot) and allows her to also get her shoes tied quickly.  This also gives us comfort as her parents to know that her shoes aren't going to come untied as we are going somewhere or as she is running.

To learn more about either of my children's conditions that make them so special to us there are plenty of resources on the web or you are more than free to contact me in any of the ways that I have provided.

As for the part that most people are looking forward to.  Drum roll please................the giveaway!!!  I like my LOCK LACES™ that much and I think they are great for those with kids that have special needs like my son or even those that have trouble tying their shoes that I am going personally send a winner a pair of LOCK LACES™.  Just enter in the Rafflecopter giveaway below and one winner will be chosen on or about May 1st and will be announced here and Twitter about the same time shortly after.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can follow LOCK LACES™ at the following locations:

I was not compensated by LOCK LACES™ for this post. LOCK LACES™ provided me with 3 pairs to try out and write this review. The opinions provided are mine and my children's.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

Monday, April 1, 2013

LOCK LACES Giveaway....Potentially

We all like free stuff....don't we?  Well, this is not free for me, but possibly free for you.  I was contacted about a week and a half ago from LOCK LACES™™™ that I would be receiving some to try.  I got them in the mail that afternoon.  What timing from the folks at LOCK LACES™ .  Now, the part that everyone wants to hear about.  If I can get to 200 Twitter followers by the time I post my LOCK LACES™  review next Monday April 8th, 2013 I will put up a giveaway with that review and personally pay for the winner to get some in the color of their choice.  As of this posting I am at 176 followers.

You can see the LOCK LACES™ on my left shoe above.  And no, I didn't put just one in.  This is just a side by side comparison for the review that will be uploaded next week.

So, you can direct your friends/followers to this posting by sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or however you would like.  I even have quick buttons at the end of this post to help you.  You are welcome.  Off with you now! LOL

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