Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Runner that doesn't run

Ever wonder what you call a runner that doesn't run?  No, not because of injury or doctors orders either.  I think we should be called "none-ers" because we are getting "none" runs in. I have been so lazy for so long. Anderson​ I haven't wrote anything on Dreadmill Drummer in so long either. I have let myself go for so long that I've basically let myself get back to the weight that I was at prior to starting any kind of regular fitness routine.


Yup, I called it right out there. We all have excuses that we like to tell. Would you like my list? I was being facetious as you are getting them if you are reading this.
1) I have had feet pains.
2) I have had knee pains.
3) I have been at cheer for my kids 5+ nights a week.


1) Part of my feet pains are because I am still not stretching as often as I should. Another part is because of my weight.
2) See Argument #1. Also, I have braces to help with any issues and KT Tape.
3) I could do it before anyone gets up like I used to or at work. Oh, and my kids haven't been going that much lately.


What it really boils down to is that I have been lazy and allowing myself to make too many excuses. I have too much in my life to allow myself to be this lazy and I need to fan the flames and pick up some steam again.