Friday, March 1, 2013

Mud runs for kids! UPDATED

A short post today, but one that I think is a very cute idea so I had to share.  My kids are always asking me when they can do a mud run like mom and I have done.  They know I have several that I'm doing this year and they keep asking which one they get to do with me.  They generally have and age limit so my kids being the ages that they are wouldn't be allowed to run it.  However, there are some popping up that are specifically for kids!  And this has my kids REALLY excited!  The two I'm going to post about are Muddy Heroes 2k/4k and Spartan Kids!

UPDATE: Muddy Heroes now has a special "Heroes in Training" area that will be available for children aged 3-5 that will cost $10 and will not require advanced registration.

Now, most runners any more have certainly heard of the Reebok Spartan Race.  Well the awesome people at Spartan have come up with a scaled version for the kids they call Spartan Kids.  They have 2 different age groups for this run; a 1/2 mile Jr. Spartan race for kids aged 4-8 and a 1 mile Varsity Spartan race for kids aged 9-13.  The cost of each is only $25.  So, this isn't that bad considering other runs charge the same price as an adult for kids to run.  They still get their ceremonial t-shirt, medal, and sense of accomplishment.  They also provide them with a mini festival area with games and challenges.  Instead of supporting the Homes for Our Troops like the adult version the kids version raises money for the Kids Fit Foundation.  Each is a great charitable organization to help out.

The latest one that my fiance found is called Muddy Heroes.  This is a 2k/4k run for kids aged 6-16.  This is also a scaled down mud run, but it has a little longer distance than the Spartan Kids run.  The distances roughly translate to 1 1/4 miles and 2 1/2 miles respectively.  This is a new run and is in the Omaha, NE Metro area.  The actual run will be taking place in Greenwood, NE.  This is just outside of Omaha so we'll still call it Omaha.  Now I'm still trying to find out what charity (if any) this run supports, but I will update once I find out.  I have sent in request to the group to find out.  The race promises to be "A fun, muddy, and obstacle filled 2k and 4k race course for kids age 6-16."  In their FAQ they do say that parents are able to run along with the kids and take pictures or even do the obstacles with the kids if you so choose.  I'm not sure if my kids will do the 2k or the 4k, but we may have one doing the 4k and the other doing the 2k.  Details on our experience to follow after the run has been complete.  This will be taking place Saturday May 18th, 2013.  So just a couple of months away.

I really like that they are including a kids version of these runs.  This not only makes my kids very happy, but it makes for a very happy mom and dad because they now get to feel included.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

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