Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Winner" I love that word!

I love when you start your day starts out with an email saying that you won a contest.  Don't you!?  Of course you do, everyone loves to win!  Now, imagine my excitement this morning when I had 2 of those emails!  Yes, I won 2 separate contests!  One of the contests I won is for a product that I just found last week.  I won't speak too long on either, but I will share a little bit about both.

The 1st giveaway that I won was held by the awesome couple over at GettingDirtyPodcast.  It's for a product called Frog Fuel.  Frog Fuel is a product developed by former Navy SEALS.  They have their products available at Frog Performance.  The product that I will be receiving is their protein shots.  According to the product page here are some details:

  • Energy with maximum nutritional value.
  • FrogFuel Protein is qualified as a medical food by the FDA and provides 15 grams of rapidly absorbed medical-grade liquid collagen protein.
  • 'Pre - digested' for nearly 100% protein bioavailability.
  • Complete protein.
  • Enhanced with taurine.
  • Delicious berry flavor.
  • No mixing, just drink.

The 2nd giveaway that I won was held by Erica over at Erica Finds.  She was holding a giveaway for an assortment of "On The Go Snacks" from several companies.  I was lucky enough to score the snacks from The Good Bean.  It was for 3 different packs of their chickpea snacks and 2 different flavors of their "Fruit & No-Nut Bars."  They have 4 flavors for their chickpea snacks: Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper, Sweet Cinnamon, and Smoky Chili & Lime.  I don't like chilies so it was certainly a no brainer which ones to choose.  Their bars have 3 flavors: chocolate cherry!, fruit & seeds trail mix!, and apricot coconut!.  That one was a little harder to make a decision on, but ultimately I chose the chocolate cherry! and the apricot coconut!.

When I get each of these products I will be sure to share about them and if I don't eat them too fast I'll share my thoughts.  If I devour them that fast then I am most certain to "need" to get more.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!


  1. So happy you won!

  2. Two contests in one day? Did you go out and buy a lottery ticket?


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