Friday, September 27, 2013

Awesome Announcement and ENERGYbits Winner

First off, I want to share my awesome announcement.  I have been chosen as the Masked Mudder!!! Now most people may not know what that is, so I'll fill in the gaps.  The awesome guys over at Inov-8 have created this persona that they call the "Masked Mudder."  Now this "person" shows up at different adventure races (mainly the Spartan Races) and represents Inov-8 at the event.  They get to show that they are a #committed athlete and practice the #mudrules of a mudder!  First I drop on you the Masked Mudder persona, now I'm dropping new hashtags at you.  What is this #committed and #mudrules you speak of?  Well, the folks over at Inov-8 say that they are the "Home of the #committed".  To explain this I'm going to borrow directly from the Team Inov-8 site:

You’ve been called crazy… Inspiring…Obsessed…Heroic…

Some of your friends don’t understand you- like why you were up at 4am or why your hands are bleeding.

It doesn’t matter what sport you compete in or what you’re training for. A PR is a PR and you’re out to beat yours.

Your body is a machine, your tool, your art, your temple and you fine tune it, you optimize it, you nurture it.

Sometimes you feel alone- in your head, it’s you vs. you- improving yourself, being your own toughest coach, toughest critic.

But you’re not alone in this obsession. Together, we are even stronger. We can inspire one another, learn from one another, and push one another harder.

Here, we get you. We know why you train. Even if it can’t be explained, it’s the heart of the committed athlete.  Share your stories here.

We don’t think you’re crazy.

We know you’re just


Now as far as the #mudrules, these are "rules" that mudders "follow" when running a mud run.  Below is a few #mudrules from Twitter including one of the ones that I submitted and one that Inov-8 posted.  Now you can submit your own #mudrules and also let the folks at Inov-8 know which Spartan you are running and you too could be the next Masked Mudder, but for now that title belongs to me until I finish the Nebraska Spartan Sprint on October 12th.  For reference you can visit the Masked Mudder post on Team Inov-8's site to read how to "apply" at  Here's the 3 main pieces:

  1. Tag @maskedmudder in your Tweet.
  2. Tag #mudrules
  3. Include the Spartan Race you want to participate
  4. Don't forget your rule!

Now one of the awesome things is that I get some new swag from Inov-8.  I will be getting a new pair of shoes, a jersey, and 2 wrags to complete the persona.  Now for all of you that will be at the Nebraska Spartan Sprint on October 12th be sure to keep a look out for the "Masked Mudder" as he will be handing out some Inov-8 wrags.  Once you do get these wrags you need to check the inside as some might be a winner of a pair of Inov-8 shoes!  Now how awesome is that even!?

Since I am the current Masked Mudder for Nebraska I will be tweeting under the handle @MaskedMudder for a little while.  I will still be tweeting and retweeting under my normal handle @CVermule as well.  So, if you aren't already following the @MaskedMudder on Twitter be sure to do so.  And don't forget to follow the amazing people over at Inov-8.  Their handle is @inov_8.  You can also check out their line of equipment on their website

If you want to run the Nebraska Spartan Sprint, or any other Spartan race just click HERE and you will get an automatic 15% discount!  Even if you have a Groupon or similar that provides you with a code for checkout it would be awesome if you used the link so that they know that I referred you.  I am a part of the Spartan Street Team as well.

Wait.....I know I'm forgetting something.  OH YEAH!!! The winner of the ENERGYbits giveaway is Tanya Wright!!!  Please send me your address information to cecil [dot] vermule [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll forward your information to Jonathan over at ENERGYbits and he'll be sure to get your tin of bits out soon!

Until next time, keep those beats coming!


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    1. Thanks Erik! I'm excited for the opportunity!

  2. Congrats! Sounds supper exciting!


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