Monday, March 24, 2014

Nebraska Youth Camp 5K Spring Obstacle Run

Since I started running and doing events I have been doing obstacle runs and mud runs.  My kids have been really wanting to do one with me.  Last year, 2 of my kids sort of got the opportunity to do one with me.  They actually did the run and obstacles, I just ran along the course for pictures and support.  This year will be different.  Come April 12th, 2014 we will be doing our 1st family mud obstacle run.  The Nebraska Youth Camp in Kearney, NE is hosting their annual 5K Spring Obstacle Run.  This will be an event that the whole family can participate in.

Before I get too much into the run, let me share with you a little about the Nebraska Youth Camp.  The following is from the Nebraska Youth Camp site:

"Nebraska Youth Camp is a non-profit organization of Christians who joined together in the early 1960's to provide opportunities for young people to enjoy camping in a Christian setting. In 1965, the "Trail Junction" campsite, near Kearney, Nebraska, was acquired. The campsite is just north of Fort Kearny where the Oregon Trail, the Oxbow Trail, the Nebraska City Cut-Off and the Pony Express Trail came together.

Trail Junction is a sixty acre area of light woods which is bordered on one side by the Platte River. It contains a five acre lake with a sand beach, a dining hall/kitchen, chapel, classrooms, 2 staff cabins, 12 camper cabins, shower house, 2 covered picnic shelters, basketball court, soccer field, 8 campfire sites and numerous hiking and tractor trails.

Nebraska Youth Camp has been serving the greater Nebraska area for the past 50 years, providing 8 weeks of youth camping each summer at Trail Junction along with several activities for families. Members of the Churches of Christ from around the Midwest have weekend retreats throughout the camping season."

Now that you have a little info about the camp, let's check out some of the details of the run.  As I mentioned before, the run is Saturday, April 12th, 2014.  It starts at 10:30 AM on that day.  The run is on the grounds of the camp located at 65 Sweetwater Ave Kearney, NE 68847.  The cost to do the run is $35 per person.  So, the price is pretty good when you think about the price of some of the other mud obstacle runs out there.  Another positive on the fee to do the run, ALL proceeds to directly to the Nebraska Youth Camp.  So, you get to run a 5k Obstacle Run AND you get to help out a youth camp.  Sounds awesome, right!?  Provided with the entry is your secured place into the run, a t-shirt to let everyone know that you did it, and a hot dog lunch.  Now who doesn't like swag and lunch included with their run entry!?  I know, the question didn't need to be asked.

Our 2 year old won't be running in this, she'll be playing with other kids as they have childcare provided for those that won't be running.  The rest of the family will be though.  From our 5 year old, all the way up to mom and dad.  Now per the usual there is a Liability Waiver and a Parental Consent Form that will need to be filled out, but of all of us that run we are used to that by now.  If you want some more information you can check out the links for the Nebraska Youth Camp below.  You can also contact me, since my family is running it I have a fair share of knowledge about the run.  If I don't know the answer, I happen to know a couple of the directors that sit on the board for the camp.  If I can't answer it, I know I can ask them and they can answer it for you.

You can check out the Nebraska Youth Camp at the following:
Mud Run Page:

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

*I am not affiliated with this run and no compensation was given for my post.

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