Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pre-Marathon Nerves and Project Purple Winners

My stomach is already in knots and the run is 3 days away.  I'm so nervous and excited.  I'm trying to remember to make sure I keep tapering.  When I go for my run today for #Runch that I'll have to take it easy.  I am also trying to remember to stay hydrated.  In case you are wondering, my bib number is #1983.  That was already communicated.  I think it's because you can track runners by bib number.

So, let's get to the Project Purple giveaway winners!  Since we have 11 prizes I'm going to start with the prizes available and update what is left as prizes are selected.  After that I will list the winners and their chosen prize.

The Prizes Offered (Prize without a strike are still available for selection):

  1. Project Purple Shirt (Size of choice)
  2. Project Purple Hat
  3. $30 box of Coconut Cashew Bonk Breakers
  4. $25 Gander Mountain Gift Card
  5. $25 iTrain Fitness Gift Card
  6. $10 iTunes Gift Card
  7. $5 eGift Card
  8. $5 eGift Card
  9. ENERGYbits Sample Pack
  10. ENERGYbits Sample Pack
  11. Pair of LOCK LACES (any color, recommended is Purple)

The Winners and their choices:

  1. Debbie G won an ENERGYbits Sample Pack for Being Awesome
  2. Lindsay M won  the $30 box of Coconut Cashew Bonk Breakers for Being Awesome
  3. Jonathan L won a $5 eGift Card for Liking Dreadmill Drummer on Facebook
  4. David D (AKA Capt. Speedy Pants) won his choice color of LOCK LACES for donating $25 to my Crowdrise for Project Purple
  5. Lisa N won {Undetermined Prize} for Tweeting about the giveaway (everyday I think)
  6. Teresa M won {Undetermined Prize} for Tweeting about the giveaway
  7. Carrie H won {Undetermined Prize} for Tweeting about the giveaway
  8. Julie P won {Undetermined Prize} for Liking Dreadmill Drummer on Facebook
  9. Natalie Y won {Undetermined Prize} for Liking Dreadmill Drummer on Facebook
  10. Taylor D won {Undetermined Prize} for Being Awesome
  11. Amanda H won {Undetermined Prize} for Liking Project Purple on Facebook

So, does anybody want to take bets on my results?!  6:14:23? 4:58:22? DNF? Injury? Hit the wall and never recovered?  Leave your predictions in the comments below!

Until next time, keep those beats coming!


  1. Sweet! I won. Do I have to wait to pick or can I pick the BONK Breakers now. :) Good luck with your race this Sunday!

    1. I wish I could award them to you already, but I'm allowing people to win based upon the order they won. They are still available though. As long as Lindsay and Jonathan doesn't select them they are yours! Congrats on winning.

  2. Ohh, I won, thanks for the giveaway. And good luck on your marathon. I'm running the Wisconsin half tomorrow.

  3. Hi, sorry to be a bother. Just wondering what the status is on being able to claim my prize from the giveaway. Thanks!


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