Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring Update, Day Before Lincoln Marathon

I know I have not been posting on the regular for a while.  If you've been following the blog (when I've posted) or have been following the Dreadmill Drummer Facebook page you know then you know that I have the Lincoln Marathon coming up tomorrow, Sunday May 3rd, 2015.  Those that have been following long enough know that I attempted the very same course last year.  You also know that I had a DNF for that run.  I guess that I technically didn't since I was able to finish the half marathon.  That being said, I fully intend on finishing the full 26.2 miles this year.

Like last year I am running this for an amazing charity that is helping folks affected by Pancreatic Cancer.  They are Project Purple.  Or, as they would word it....we are Project Purple.  You can read more about them on their site ( or on my post from January HERE.  I am actually leaving home here in about an hour to visit the Runner's Expo Prior to volunteering at the Project Purple booth from 3 PM until it's time to go to the Celebration and Awards dinner tonight.  You can still donate to help fight with Project Purple by visiting

2014 Project Purple Team dinner
I have learned that The Lincoln Track Club has redone the way everyone starts this year.  They are still doing a waved approach, but they've ordered everyone based on their expected finish time.  I've been assigned the slowest wave and have been assigned to get a purple bib.  We all know that I run at a turtle's pace.  So, I'm okay with this.  And how fitting that my bib is purple as I am once again running for Project Purple this year.  If you would like to track my my bib number is 11,598.  There is an app from the Lincoln Track Club that you can download from Google Play or the App Store.  It allows you to check out the course and track runners.

Testing out my Project Purple singlet at work.
This year I'm going to be running with a couple folks from the Blackshirt Spartans fitness family.  That should prove to help me in the motivation department if I start to waiver.

Being a BioSkin Ambassador I'm really going to enjoy the Calf Sleeves that I have on this long distance.  They have helped me both on long runs and in recovery during training.  So, they'll help me on race day.  I also purchased a new Orange Mud Double HydraQuiver to help with hydration during the run.  Some would ask, "Do you really need it? Don't they have aid stations?"  They do, but I sweat A LOT when I run.  So, naturally I drink a lot of fluids too. They also have compartments for my phone and gels that I'll "need" along the way.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

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