Monday, April 25, 2016

Family Fitness = Cheer!? Say What?!

We all strive to have a good balance of fitness in our families.  At least, I hope that we all do.  As hard as it is for me to admit, that isn't always to do with running.  (Yes, that was hard to say.)  However, fitness is the whole reason why I run.  My personal fitness is primarily to inspire my kids to strive to be more physically fit and healthy.  Where am I going with this you might ask.  Well, we aren't just a running family anymore.  We are also a cheer family!  We have 4 cheerleaders!  They all go to the Global Spirit Cheer & Dance school.  Now, most people when they think of cheerleading they think of high school cheerleaders pumping up the crowd saying quick cheers between plays of a game.  My kids participate more in the type of cheerleading that you see on ESPN where they do the stunts.  You know, where they throw each other in the air, do flips, and all of that jazz.

Now it's time to meet our cheer lineup.

Ryan is our oldest and newest to cheer.  He's quickly proved that he is able to do cheer and recently competed at the NCA and NDA International Championships in Daytona Beach, FL with the them Fendi Fame.  He's a strong base and is becoming a strong tumbler.

Bella shows strong passion out on the Blue Mat.  (The term "Blue Mat" is directly in reference to the fact that they mats they perform and practice on are primarily blue.)  She pushes each week to be better.  She is a great base and loves to do the dance moves.  She was also in Daytona Beach and has been on the Fendi Fame team since she started cheer and is a base that is improving her tumbling skills & flexibility.

Sierra is our up and comer.  She has been with her younger sister on the team Prada Power.  She has been a base (especially for her younger sister) working to improve her overall skills.  She has a goal to move up next season to be able to do more competitions and ever increasingly difficult stunts.

Jocelynn is our Tiny/Mini cheerleader.  She has been on Prada Power.  Given her size she is perfect for a flyer.  She was even a flyer for the recent exhibition that parts of all team levels did jointly at a fun run locally.  Jocelynn is coming into her own and has a bright cheer future ahead of her.

With all of that being said, we are looking ahead to the future of there career in the demanding sport.  it takes a lot of time and effort for these kids to do what they do.  The other thing is that it takes money.  Our kids have been working to get a garage sale together to help pay for their obsession.  They have also organized (with help) a raffle.  They have got buy in from several sponsors to donate items that will be raffled off to everyone that helps donate to their futures.

Let's get into the details on how to help:
  1. Go to
  2. Donate the amount you wish
  3. Earn 1 entry per $1 (a bonus entry for every $10)
  4. Win a prize

What prizes can you win?

The drawing will take place on or about May 23rd, 2016.  Winners will be selected at random from all donations received.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

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