Friday, December 6, 2013

Nebraska, Spartan Race, Inov-8 and Giveaway

You might be asking what Nebraska, Spartan Race, and Inov-8 have in common.  Well, the answer is me!  I signed up to run the Nebraska Spartan Sprint in Lincoln, NE on Saturday October 12th, 2013.  Inov-8 has a persona that they created called the "Masked Mudder."  They choose a different Masked Mudder for each event.  I was lucky enough that they chose me for this one.  So, what did that mean!?  That meant that I got to run the race with some awesome gear.  They gave me a couple of their Wrag 30s (See more HERE) to wear for my "mask," a special Masked Mudder jersey to wear, an awesome race pack, and a free pair of shoes to represent in.  Oh yeah, I also got to give some away.  They gave me several wrags to give away with codes written on the inside for free shoes!  Now how awesome is that?!  I had several winners, more than I even expected.

Training image to get used to the "mask."
My Masked Mudder gear. Inov-8 Trailroc 255, Inov-8 Race pack, Masked Mudder jersey, lots of wrags!
Now, since I live not far from Lincoln there wasn't a pre-race trip really.  It was a short 35-45 minute drive that a few friends and I made.  Now, I had joined the Spartan Street Team in order to help promote the event.  I was wanting to participate in the event that much.  If you want to race you can click the link to the top-right and save 15%.  You can also contact me directly and I'll help out.  One of my buddies even volunteered at the event.  During pre-race we got to take some pictures, I even handed out some swag.  I had connected with a few people on the Blackshirt Spartans group on Facebook that were looking out for me.  I only came across one and he let his wife draw a wrag.  And she won a pair of Inov-8s!

My 1st Inov-8 winner. This little one drew for her mom,
not a winner but cute still.
Pre-race Selfie

Now, this event was A-MA-ZING!!!  It tested not only my endurance, but it also tested my (non-existent) upper body.  During Tough Mudder I had both tested, but you are "allowed" to skip an obstacle if you feel that you can't perform it or if you fail in your attempt.  At a Spartan Race you aren't allowed to skip or fail otherwise you feel the wrath of the burpee.  Most people in fitness have a love/hate relationship with the burpee.  And I am no exception by any means.  I did at least 120 burpees while doing the race.  I know for sure I failed the spear throw (harder than it looks), the rope climb (made it halfway before slipping), the monkey bars (couldn't believe it!), and something else that I'm not remembering.  I know, I'd remember if I had wrote my recap closer to the event.

Barb wire crawl
Traversal Wall
Under the wall through MUDDY water I got a mouth full!
Most people get a cool "over the fire" picture, I got just after landing.
Spartan pugil hit to finish.
And now I am a Spartan after 3.8 "wonderful" miles and 120+ burpees.
The feeling you get when you finish is just awesome.  You are dirty and sore, but you are almost ready to run again or find your next event.  I know that I will probably be running the Nebraska Spring again in 2014, but I want to run a Super Spartan or even a Spartan Beast.  Eventually I would like to earn my trifecta!  In order to do that you have to run all 3 types of races (Sprint, Super, and Beast) in 1 race season.  I'll get there one day, but until then I'll support my fellow Spartans that have the ability to do it.

After the race I cleaned up, put on my finisher's shirt and gave out the rest of the Inov-8 wrags.  Each picture has a winner and a winner.  One a winner because they finished the race and got a wrag, the other because they did those and won a free pair of shoes.  Can you guess which one in each picture won?

After the race I switched from my Inov-8's to my Bedrock Sandals.

I also went shopping for some Spartan gear.  I got the tank on the left for my future Spartan 1 year old.  The band on the right I got for myself with my free $5 credit that came in my registration!

Now that we've had some picture overload, how about you check out this awesome video next!?

That's right folks!  For those that haven't been able to run a Spartan run, or even if you have you will be able to watch the championships on NBC tomorrow!  And in honor of this, Spartan has given me a code so that one of you can run your choice of Spartan.  Yes, that means you can win entry!  All you have to do at a bare minimum is claim your "awesome entry" and your name will be in the hat.  If you'd like more entries, there are some other things you can do.  Like follow Dreadmill Drummer in the different ways you can, tweet daily, follow +Spartan Race on Google+, follow @SpartanRace on Twitter, like Spartan Race on Facebook, and I may even add entry methods.  So, be sure to check back in order to find out those.  I do need to apologize ahead of time to any non-continental US readers as this giveaway does exclude you.  I'm sorry, it's not my rules.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!


  1. Replies
    1. I would love to do one of the Stadium runs, just none near me and travel is not really in the budget. Good luck!

  2. Replies
    1. I wish I had more to give away. You can follow the Masked Mudder and try to find him/her where they are. Or you could use the retailer finder from Inov-8 and buy one.

  3. I need another wrag so I can represent Inov-8 when I do multiple laps and so I can swap out at soccer :-)

    1. If I had more to hand out I would help you out. You can find the Masked Mudder or buy one.

  4. I really want to challenge myself and the Spartan Race seems PERFECT! I would like to start with a sprint.

    1. A Spartan Race would be a great way to challenge yourself. Good Luck!

  5. I haven't done a Spartan yet, but have my eyes on Fenway Park next year. My wife and I love doing races together, so I hope to win.

    1. This would be a great way for you 2 to bond. Good luck to you!

  6. I haven't done one yet. Sounds fun!

    1. It is fun! It's an experience you won't forget and I highly recommend it. Good luck!

  7. I've never run a Spartan Race, I want to run a super (in IL) or a sprint (in WI), I want to be a Spartan because it looks like a challenge and fun.


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