Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shorthand Sunday with a Winner

What the heck is "Shorthand Sunday" you might ask.  Well I'll tell you!  There are all of these other bloggers with titles like "Meatless Monday," "Wordless Wednesday," "Five Things Friday," and "Something Saturday."  Okay, so I haven't seen "Something Saturday," but you get the idea.  So, "Shorthand Sunday" will be my version where I type my post entirely through the Blogger app on my phone.  Sounds fun, right!?  FYI...I don't like that I can't choose where my photos go on this app.  Maybe I can and I just have to figure it out.

So, today will be my 1st organized run with my wife.  We will be running The Ugly Sweater Run in Omaha.  This will her 1st 5k road race, but 2nd 5k overall.  She ran the Go Dirty Girl women's only mud obstacle run in 2012.  So, this will still be a new experience for her.  Maybe she'll even aid me with her insights to write the recap.  We went yesterday to pick up our packets and we got our bibs, a mustache tattoo, and an Ugly Sweater Run stocking cap!  As we got our packets we messaged others that were running with us and one was picking up their ugly sweater and was on their way to packet pickup, and the others already had sweaters and were headed to packet pickup.

Now it was our turn to get our ugly sweaters.  We had already looked at some retailers that usually have them in spades, but to no avail. My wife knew of a store called The Flying Worm Vintage that boasts a big selection.  So, that's where we went and we walked into racks of hideousness.  (That's a word, right!?)  We searched a little while and found a couple and even got well wishes from the workers on our run.  According to the weather earlier this week it could hit 40 today. In December?!  Alas, the forecast os always changing and it's expected to top out around 25 and be right around 20 when we run.  Still not too bad.  I did a mud run in colder temps, I think this one will be all good.  That's why we have sweaters, right!

I do have one last order of business to attend to.  Announcing the winner of the Spartan Race Entry.  This goes to Pedro Loza for following @SpartanRace on Instagram.  Pedro has 48 hours to claim his prize before another winner will be chosen.  If you didn't win, don't despair as I have more giveaways on the way.  Including more race entries.  The one that I will have coming in the next month-ish is for The Color Run.  The awesome people over there will be providing me with 2 codes, 1 for me to run it and 1 for you to win it.  So, keep a lookout for upcoming posts.

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

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