Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fighting Pancreatic Cancer With Project Purple

Project Purple Lincoln

 Last year I ran the Lincoln Marathon for Project Purple.  Who or what is Project Purple?  Project Purple is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises funds to help fight pancreatic cancer.   Not only do they raise funds to help with pancreatic cancer research as most organizations do, but they also help the families that are or have been afflicted with this disease.  They provide financial assistance for those that are struggling while being treated and even partnered with a local hospital to provide newly diagnosed patients with a care bag that has a hat, blanket, and a scarf to help comfort those being treated for the first time.  Another way that they help is through scholarships for the family of those that have pancreatic cancer.  Just last year they donated $150,000.00 to the University of Nebraska Medical Center for pancreatic cancer research under the direction of Dr. Hollingsworth.  So, they even helped out in the community in which I live and run.

Here are some facts about Pancreatic Cancer:

  • 4th deadliest cancer
  • Survival rate after 5 years is only 3%.
  • Only cancer in the top 10 with a single digit survival rate.
  • Least funded of the top 10 cancers
  • Can cause jaundice, weight loss, pain, digestive problems, blood clots, and diabetes

Project Purple at UNMC

So, what is my part with Project Purple you may ask.  Well, I am running the Lincoln Marathon for the Project Purple Lincoln Marathon Team.  As a part of this I am also raising funds to help support their efforts.  Last year my goal was to raise $500 and I was able to raise $600.  So, this year my personal goal is to up the ante a little and try to raise $650!  You can check out my Crowdrise fundraiser at  If you can only donate $1, that is all I ask.  If you can donate $10, that is awesome.  If you can donate more, I couldn't thank you enough.  Help me reach my goal and help those affected by this disease both directly and indirectly.

The 2014 Project Purple Team
The 2014 Project Purple Team
You can check out more and follow Project Purple online in the ways below:

Help me relive last year's 13.1 finish and make that 26.2 this year!
Help me relive last year's 13.1 finish for Project Purple and make that 26.2 this year!

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

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