Thursday, January 1, 2015

Return of the Drummer

So, I haven't realized how long is been since my last post. I haven't posted since right before The Lincoln Marathon. So I haven't posted in over 6 months!  That's 1/2 of a year! Holy cow!  I know it's been a little while, but wow!  So, that means that I have content that I need to share. I also owe any that read my small slice of the web an apology for being so absent.  While I have been sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media I haven't shared here.  So, I start 2015 with an apology and a promise to work harder at remembering to share.

So, 2014 started with me having an unspoken goal of being the "year of endurance." What do I mean by that? Well, I had the goal of running my 1st marathon, a small chance goal of possibly running my 2nd marathon (wasn't totally set on this), then I had the goal to run my 1st 50k, the goal of running my 2nd 50k, and of course finishing another Spartan Race as we all know I like ORCs.  No that's not "orc" as in the mythical creature famous in the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, but ORC as in Obstacle Race Course (also OCR, Obstacle Course Racing).  With the 1st goal of running my 1st marathon, that ended up being my next half marathon instead. The possibility of a 2nd marathon this year, that wasn't a dead set goal since it was going to be so close to my 1st 50k.  My 1st 50k was going to be the Market to Market 50k. I even paid my registration for this, but I didn't double check the date before I registered. It was the same day as my niece's wedding that officiated. So, I couldn't run it. And unfortunately there wasn't an option to transfer it to another run or another runner. And I was going to rerun the G.O.A.T.z Trail Run that I ran last year as a 21 mile run, but I was going to step it up to the 50k this year. Well, my wife went out of town for her business so that is more important. And the Spartan Race that I was going to run was been canceled. So, this hasn't been the year for runs for me.

I have considered writing off formalized runs and just continuing to run for me and my family. The part that stops me from actually "doing that" is that they are a way to set goals and the run directors set the courses for you. So, they do part of the work for you. And my buddy Geoff from Sasquatch in Public is trying to convince me to run The Hawk. It's a marathon, a 50 mile, or a 100 mile run on technical trails. And it is within days of my birthday. So, I am thinking that it will be my birthday run next year and will be my goal for next year.  And as of this week I have official confirmation that I have been accepted to run the The Lincoln Marathon again this year under the Project Purple charity again!! So, this makes me so excited to help raise funds to help beat Pancreatic Cancer!  If you wish to help me hit my goal this year can donate to my Crowdrise account here:  If you wish to help please go and donate.  You can also join my team to help me hit my fundraising goal!  If you are interested follow the link above or send me a message and I'll help.

I also didn't get to announce on the blog that I am now a Bioskin Ambassador!  So, be sure to check out the posts when I share about their awesome products!

Final thoughts:

What goals are the rest of drumline going for in 2015?

What let downs have you had in your training/goals that have set you back in your thinking that you are going to still try to accomplish?

Until next time, keep those beats coming!

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